Keep Your Loved Ones Close to Your Heart With Memorial Ash Necklaces

When a loved one passes on to the other side, it can be a confusing and difficult time.

Finding a way to memorialize that person in a respectful manner that allows you to simultaneously mourn and pay homage to them isn't easy either. There are memorial trees, scrapbooks, benches, and donations, but none of those will make you feel particularly close to your loved one.

That's why we, at Cavici, make our gorgeous memorial ash necklaces. If you were close with your loved one and you're finding it difficult to let go of them, a memorial ash necklace is a perfect way to keep them close to your heart. 

Today, we're going to explain what a memorial ash necklace is and how you can get yours made with your loved ones' ashes after the cremation. Before you bury the ashes or put them in an urn, why not keep a small piece of their legacy alive around your neck?

How Do Memorial Ash Necklaces Work?

Memorial jewelry is becoming a popular way to remember deceased loved ones. Pendants, bracelets, and necklaces are simple and understated, allowing you to make a small statement about the deceased. Memorial ash necklaces take it one step farther.

When you get one of our memorial ash necklaces made, you'll always have your loved ones with you. Our pendants double as small capsules that are perfect for holding a small amount of the ashes. You can also rest easy knowing that they're secured with a screw-on top.

Cremation urns can cost upwards of $1,000, so memorial ash necklaces are also a cost-effective alternative to the burial or urn method. If you can find enough fellow mourners that want to wear an ash necklace, then it's an affordable way for everyone to remain close to the loved one you've all lost.

Why Get a Memorial Ash Necklace?

There are numerous benefits, aside from just the cost, to getting a memorial ash necklace. If you're still apprehensive about this unorthodox way of memorializing your loved ones, keep reading.

You'll Never Forget

A memorial ash necklace won't let you go a day without thinking about your loved ones. As something you put on every morning and take off at night, you'll always be reminded of the time that you spent together.

Even if you're not overly interested in being reminded of your loved one on a regular basis, you can hang it in a special place and only take it out on birthdays and anniversaries. There's no pressure to wear the necklace all the time, but you'll always have the option of keeping them close to you.

Stay Close to Your Loved One

Closure is a hard thing to obtain when someone you loved passes on. In a lot of cases, it's a hard thing to want to obtain. A memorial ash necklace allows you to stay close to your loved ones, even after their body and mind are gone.

The pendant will dangle close to your heart, physically keeping them nearby at all times. Anytime you're struggling with not having them in your life anymore, just look down and they'll be with you, not just in spirit, but in a physical sense as well.

When you bury their ashes or keep them in a crematorium, you have to make a special trip to go spend time with them. With the memorial ash necklace, a day will never go by that you can't sit and think about them in their presence.

Get Different Styles

At Cavici, we offer a number of different pendant styles to hold the ashes. We've got 2 different types of cylinders, an angel wing design, and a heart design, all capable of holding a small amount of the ashes within.

Our small capsules put a special focus on the love that you and your deceased friend or relative shared with one another. Choose one of our personalized silver or black pendants today and arrange to have it filled with the ashes, so you never have to be apart from your loved one again.

You can customize your small memorial by putting other charms and pendants on the necklace, alongside the ashes. This allows each mourner the ability to symbolize the unique bond that they shared with the deceased. It's unlike any other way to mourn someone's death, which is what makes it so special.

You Can Share With Other Loved Ones

The real beauty of memorial ash necklaces is the ability for any number of loved ones to partake in this style of mourning. When you bury the ashes or keep them in a crematorium, each relative or friend of the deceased has to make a trip to visit their remains.

With ash necklaces, any number of loved ones can keep a little bit of the deceased with them. This way, you can all do your mourning separately in your homes, which is especially valuable if you all live in disparate areas of the country/world.

Get Your Memorial Ash Necklaces Today

If you're considering getting memorial ash necklaces to remember your deceased loved one, don't hesitate to visit our web store today. All of our cremation jewelry is made of high-quality silver and is sturdy enough to keep your loved one's ashes safe around your neck.

It might feel like a strange way to mourn your loved ones, but when you can have them so close to you at all times, you'll understand the power and beauty in keeping a memorial ash necklace. We offer free shipping on all orders over $25, so order your necklace today and we'll get it to you as soon as possible.

We also offer many other types of floating charms and lockets, so be sure to check out our website and come back to read our blog again soon.

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