Floating Locket Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

How many charms fit in a floating locket?

Answer: Large lockets can hold four to six charms comfortably, and will still hold enough space to add a decorative plate or crystals if desired.  Medium sized lockets can hold three to four charms.

How many plates can fit in a floating locket?

Answer: Lockets can comfortably hold one plate.  Like lockets, plates come in medium and large sizes with over 100 themes available to compliment any locket.

What are floating charms?

Answer: Floating charms are themed pieces that can be added individually or in a group to personalize a locket.  Cavici offers over 500 unique floating charms to complete your very own piece of custom jewelry.

What are floating charms for?

Answer: Floating charms are meant to be placed inside a locket to showcase a memory, theme, or any personal event you want to hold close to your heart and share.

What are floating locket charms?

Answer: Similar to charms on a charm bracelet (but small enough to fit in a locket), floating locket charms are unique pieces used to personalize a locket.  Choose from 12 categories to create your locket’s theme, or mix and match to display the things you hold close to your heart.

What are the best kind of floating charms to get?

Answer: With over 500 unique charms, and 12 themed floating charm categories to choose from, it may seem the options for charms are endless.  It’s best to pick a charm or charms that speak best to you and work to create a locket around a specific theme.

What size are floating charms?

Answer: Floating charms are pretty tiny, anywhere from two millimeters to eight millimeters in size on average.

What size are floating lockets?

Answer: Floating lockets are available in large and medium sizes.  The large lockets are 30 mm in height, 30 mm width, and 6.5 mm depth.  Medium lockets are 25mm height, 25mm width, 6.5 mm depth.

What are the stones called for floating lockets?

Answer: The stones for floating lockets are called crystals.  Cavici’s crystals are offered in the colors that associate with each month’s birthstone.  They come in round or heart shaped pieces.

What are floating lockets for?

Answer: Floating lockets are intended to showcase a memory, a loved one, a hobby, or any theme a person wants to create.  With glass on either side of the locket, plates, crystals, and charms placed inside can be displayed with pride.

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