Building a Floating Charm Locket

A guest post from Stacey Graf, Professional Sommelier

Of all the Cavici lockets I’ve created (and there are several), the locket I hold closest to my heart is my wine locket.  Studying the art of winemaking and educating myself on the wines of the world has not only been a passion of mine, but my obsession for the last 15 years.  After passing my level two sommelier certification with The Court of Master Sommeliers I wanted a piece of jewelry that I could wear at anytime and showcased my passion for wine without having to wear my sommelier pin everywhere I went.


After browsing a number of jewelry websites, I stumbled across Cavici.  I noticed they offered floating lockets that attach to necklace chains, and have hundreds of options for charms that can be placed inside.  The front and back of the lockets are glass, so the charms can be displayed at all times without having to open the locket.  What a perfect way to express my love of wine with a stylish piece of jewelry.  It’s also been a great talking point when I’m out running errands, and a way for me to get on the subject of my business which is offering in-home wine tastings and education courses.

Red Wine Charms

For my wine piece, I chose a large silver locket with crystals lining the rim.  I tend to wear more silver than anything else, but other finishes such as gold, rose gold, black, copper, gunmetal, and turquoise are available.  Cavici offers a medium sized locket, but I wanted to be able to fit a decorative wine plate, charms, and crystals inside the locket, so I went big!  For my embellishments I chose the large fancy wine plate (two red wine glasses clinking), a red wine glass charm, the red wine bottle with grapes charm, and garnet colored crystals.  I think it’s fairly evident that my favorite styles of wine are red!

I’ve had so many compliments on this piece of jewelry that I’ve gone back on Cavici’s website and purchased charms, crystals and plates to create other locket themes.  I have now have locket themes for all of my favorite things; yoga, gardening, travel, family, and holidays etcetera.

Changing it up with Crystals

I’ve found that crystals are a fun way to add a little sparkle and color to your locket.  These tiny crystals are available in round and heart shapes, and they come in all of the colors that coincide with each month’s birthstone.  Adding dangles to a locket is another way of enhancing the jewelry.  There are over 60 options in the dangle category.  I have several that I change out on my lockets to give them a different look.

Starting a New Hobby

With all of the unique options Cavici has to offer, I’d say it’s best to start with a theme that means the most to you and search for items in that keyword.  Take it from me, it’s much easier to build your locket this way.  If you need ideas for a theme, Cavici has examples of pre-made locket kits that are available for purchase as well.  If you are anything like me...once you make your first locket you’ll be hooked.  Now I’m changing out charms to make new lockets and buying different lockets to fill with new charms!  It’s an inexpensive, fun, and stylish way to show off things that make you happy!

About Stacey and Vivace Sommelier

Stacey is a level two certified sommelier and offers in-home wine tastings, special event consultation, wine seminars, and educational courses through her company Vivace Sommelier.  Her love of wine is complemented with her passion for cooking, gardening, travel, and yoga.  You can learn more about Stacey and her wine services on

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